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Was he honest? It might be a question of definition...


When my maternal grandfather Thomas Jones (1905 - unknown) was demobilised from the British Army in early 1946, he was provided with a testimonial that read: "A good worker under supervision. He is honest." (That was the second attempt at a testimonial; first time around, the officer responsible...

28 Nov 2016
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image: drawing board

Back to the drawing board

Records, Mistakes, Jones

Reviewing and redocumenting my family history efforts to date has thrown up a few extra tidbits of information but no major errors... until today.  

I was preparing to enter the death certificate for my grandfather Thomas Jones (mentioned...

28 Sep 2016
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Finding a needle in a haystack

Records, Jones

I've been blessed with very common surnames in my family — my grandparents were named Wright and Brookes and Jones and Roberts. But the most challenging recent line so far is my maternal grandfather's: he was Tom Jones son of Thomas Jones son of Thomas Jones, and all born or living (yes, you've...

27 Sep 2016
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