"Seren Cymru" 28 February 1913 (digital images), Welsh Newspapers Online(https://http://newspapers.library.wales, accessed: 3 April 2018), page 12, column 1, headed At Y Parch A Morris, Llangennech.

Text from source:


To the Rev A Morris, Llangennech. Dear Friend, A little while ago, I saw a request from you in the "Seren" to the Rev DW Morris (Marmora), asking for the history of John James, the first minister of Hermon, Fishguard. While Marmora is preparing his little essay, permit me to relate what I know of his history. John James was born in the year 1771 in Melin Trecwn, near Trelettert. He was the son of Thomas James, of the same place. He was a carpenter by calling. He was a member of Llangloffan. He preached and was associated with that church until the establishing of Hermon church, Fishguard, when he joined that church, and he was selected as shepherd of it in the year 1808. He worked together with the Rev Henry Davies (the older), until the year 1824, when he broke his connection as a minister with Hermon but he worked together with the Rev Joseph James in Beulah and Casmael and in different churches in the area and through the shire, wherever there was a call for his ministry. He had mastered the English language very well, and was able to preach in that language when there was call for it. He died on the 13th of July 1857 at 86 years old, and he was buried in the the graveyard of the parish church (Llanfairnant y gof).

He preached for over 60 years and he was faithful in his ministry for 49 years. Trelettert. J Thomas